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Karaoke Videos and Backing Tracks - 3 of the Best Sources Ever Discovered

Maybe you really are a great artist but can't play any musical instrument. Maybe you are a guru on your drum but have no accompaniment. Having fun with a drum can be nice but with drums, the bass and a second guitar sound even better. In all scenarios the key question is where to find music to play along? This article will expose 3 of the best sources ever discovered.

Internet Based Video Networks

Internet based video networks like MyVideo or YouTube contain a massive range of karaoke videos. Many of them consist of the lyrics of the track. The audio may not be of the desired quality because of the reason that the videos have to be compressed to upload them. Additionally a few of those video clips just contain a midi sound. However, you can find plenty of helpful and valuable tracks there.

Create Your Own Practice Track

Create your own practice track! You can conveniently generate your own musical accompaniment. All you need to have is a free tool called Audacity. You can tape all the sounds playing on your Laptop or PC; apply filters, effects and other available options to meet your needs. Audacity allows all kind of track formats. You can remove the words or lines of a pre-existing mp3 file. If you possess a guitar or keyboard, simply connect it inside your laptop and begin recording. It's a simple to use program and plenty of tutorials are available on internet which makes your task even easier. It's an awesome tool to bring your originals to an expert sounding style.

Providers on the Web

There's another way to get high quality backing tracks from the providers on the web, in case you don't find anything suitable on YouTube or on any other channel. Most of these tracks came in CD and you get more than 15,000 tracks to choose from. It's supposed to be the easiest and fastest way, and by spending few dollars you can collect the best music to sky rocket your performances.

Presenting Karaoke to any party delivers an element of excitement and fun. It does not matter whether you are an experienced artist or simply intending to hit out those tracks. Karaoke is designed to be enjoyed by both and everybody in between. Have fun while performing along to your favorite tracks and be a celebrity yourself!

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